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Conversion Rate from Sent is the conversion rate based upon “delivered” emails, with a value between 0 to 1 typically expressed as a percentage of 0% to 100%. Higher is better, and senders generally want their conversion rate to be as high as possible. However, the highest conversion rate is not always the best. Sometimes it’s better to send more, generating higher total conversions at a lower rate. This conversion rate can be thought as conversion rate for the top of the email funnel.

See also Conversion Rate from Click.

Tips for Interpreting

Conversion rate from sent is often thought of as the campaign conversion rate; it’s how many people converted divided by the number of people delivered an email.  It shows your conversion rate based upon the top of the email funnel. 

While the conversion rate on different campaigns may go up or down, overall, senders want this to increase over time. One effective way to review conversion rates is to calculate them using Month over Month or Year over Year performance. Different types of emails will have different conversion rates. For example, large promotional sends typically have much lower conversion rates than automated emails like welcome series or an abandoned cart. 

This metric is good for telling senders whether they are attracting buyers vs. browsers.  If you have a lot of open and/or clicks activity but no conversions, then something is off in your program.

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