About the OI Metrics Project

The OI Metrics Project is an initiative from Only Influencers (OI), the original community of email industry professionals.

We developed the metrics project to help those who might not be familiar with email marketing gain a deeper understanding of the quantitative side of things.

The OI Metrics Project is a volunteer endeavor. This is just one of many ways that OI members donate their time and talent to help the industry at large. Please reach out to Jeanne Jennings, General Manager of Only Influencers, to learn more about getting involved with Only Influencers, the OI Metrics Project, or other OI initiatives.

Special thanks to members of the OI Metrics Project committee, without which this site would not be possible:

OI Metrics Project Committee Chair
Ada Barlatt
Operations Ally

Elizabeth Jacobi
MochaBear Marketing

Lauren Meyer

Luke Glasner
Glasner Consulting

Jeanne Jennings
Email Optimization Shop,
Only Influencers